About Us

Whilst running our former food delivery outlets for 16 years, we became very familiar with door to door Leaflet Distribution. The leaflet distributors were managed by ourselves and we achieved results by distributing leaflets to the locality of each outlet.
In 2008 we sold the food outlets and started a roofing and guttering business which required large scale letterbox distribution. Several leaflet distribution companies had to be employed.

Soon we realised that we were not gaining enough customers. Hence, we decided to start a door to door distribution business to deliver our own leaflets, together with a maximum of 2 other leaflets from non-competing businesses.

Our flyer distributors are managed by a supervisor throughout the leaflet distribution process.

We distribute leaflets and flyers, company brochures, free samples of new products – anything that will encourage the consumer to try your product or service.

We are able to act fast in setting up your campaign, be flexible in executing it, and knowledgeable in how you can get the best return on your advertising.

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