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People really respond to door to door leafleting.

According to Direct Marketing Association, DMA door to door study 2006, 48% of consumers have responded to door to door items.

It is not surprising that the volume of door to door campaign has continuously increased during the past 2 decades and still is. It works better than advertising in other forms of media, which are more expensive.
Door to door is picked up and paid attention to. Your business will get noticed, fast.

A range of benefits, including maximum accuracy, effectiveness and measurability  can be achieved  by a door to door campaign. It can be one of the most targeted forms of advertising. Every client can select their own targeted customers by post code sector ranking and Demographics Criteria.

Post code sectors have around 3000 addresses on average.
Information such as age,income level and socio-economic class can be learned by studying the Demographics of the area.

We at the leaflet  can help you to find the post codes in your area with the best proportion of potential customers for your product/service, minimising the wastage and carbon impact of your campaign.
Your item will be delivered with our own and maximum two other non- competing items.

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