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How leaflet Distribution can help to improve your business in London.


You as an entrepreneur might sometimes think, is leaflet distribution suitable for your business? Leaflet distribution is gaining sluggish acknowledgement as a low-priced and productive way of advertising in the direct marketing sector. There are numerous big market players who actually make use of the mode of leaflet distribution to advertise their product or services. Leaflet distribution is used by many London based companies as a primary method of advertising.

So when somebody asks me if their business would be suitable for leaflet distribution I would say, “every business would benefit from leafleting”. However, to get the optimum result, it is important to consider the thickness and size of your leaflet. Make sure to use a good quality paper so that it leaves a good impression on the readers. The size should be neither too small nor too large.

The message should be clear. If you are offering any kind of discount or concession on your service, display them on the leaflet. In order to grab the attention of your readers, make sure to put your contact information at the top of the leaflet rather than bottom. You must also avail the services of a professional door drop company such as The leaflet distribution who cover all of London and are providing a systematic procedure for leaflet distribution. The leaflet distribution can be used to advertise any sort of product or service you are offering whether it is a car, an electrician, a food item or anything else.

Having a brilliant leaflet alone would not serve your purpose efficiently. Without an experienced and reliable leaflet distribution company you will not be able to receive the best possible return on your investment. Leaflet Distribution London is perhaps the best mode available for individuals looking to promote their businesses in London and nearby areas. There are numerous Leaflet distribution businesses in London, Twickenham, Kingston, Bromley, Croydon and south London who are profesional leaflet distribution companies offering a high quality distribution service.These companies make every possible attempt to direct your message across thousands of customers. They can also guide you about your target market and offer you the distribution strategies in that area.


Leaflet Distribution in South London follow different methods of distribution so as to get better results. One of them is face-to-face distribution. One of the important advantage of this type of distribution is that it helps you to save a large number of leaflets as your leaflet will be taken by only those people who may be interested in your services. Another benefit this method offers is that allows you to get more of an on the spot response from a few potential customers.

This is done by providing some interesting offers for a limited time, which should encourage the potential customers to contact you. It is a good idea to familiarize the distributors about your product or services. This way they would be able to explain to the customers about your services.

People really respond to door to door leafleting.

According to Direct Marketing Association, DMA door to door study 2006, 48% of consumers have responded to door to door items.

It is not surprising that the volume of door to door campaign has continuously increased during the past 2 decades and still is. It works better than advertising in other forms of media, which are more expensive.
Door to door is picked up and paid attention to. Your business will get noticed, fast.

A range of benefits, including maximum accuracy, effectiveness and measurability  can be achieved  by a door to door campaign. It can be one of the most targeted forms of advertising. Every client can select their own targeted customers by post code sector ranking and Demographics Criteria.

Post code sectors have around 3000 addresses on average.
Information such as age,income level and socio-economic class can be learned by studying the Demographics of the area.

We at the leaflet  can help you to find the post codes in your area with the best proportion of potential customers for your product/service, minimising the wastage and carbon impact of your campaign.
Your item will be delivered with our own and maximum two other non- competing items.

Leaflet distribution Dartford and Bromley

Supervised Distribution

At the leaflet your leaflets are not just given to the distributors, but they are given to the supervisor who supervises the distributors all through the distribution.

How to go about booking your job:

  1. Once you have decided what area you wish to target, find the post codes of the area from the list below and work out how many leaflets will go in that area by adding up the figures in front of the post codes.You will then know the amount of leaflets you will need to print.
  2. Contact us to book the job by giving the quantity, size and the distribution post codes.
  3. We will then collect and distribute the literature within the agreed time.
  4. Once the leaflets are distributed, a map showing the covered roads will be sent to you.
Postal Sector Locality Residential Business Total
BR 1-1 High Street, Bromley 469 586 1055
BR 1-2 Bickley, Bromley 3857 108 3965
BR 1-3 Widmore Road, Bromley 5613 306 5919
BR 1-4 Plaistow, Bromley Park, Bromley 5821 95 5916
BR 1-5 Southend, Sundridge, Bromley 7100 166 7266
BR 2-0 Bromley (Incl Shortlands) 5619 138 5757
BR 2-6 Keston, Nash, Keston Court 1102 46 1148
BR 2-7 Bromley (Incl Hayes) 3646 170 3816
BR 2-8 Keston, Bromley 4439 101 4540
BR 2-9 Homesdale Road, Bromley 4807 296 5103
BR 3-1 New Beckenham, Beckenham 4815 406 5221
BR 3-3 Upper Elmers End, Beckenham 5068 174 5242
BR 3-4 Elmers End, Beckenham 5433 250 5683
BR 3-5 Albemarle Road, Beckenham 3551 76 3627
BR 3-6 Wickham Road, Beckenham 2330 72 2402
BR 4-0 Pickhurst Rise, West Wickham 3109 274 3383
BR 4-9 Spring Park, West Wickham 4322 119 4441
BR 5-1 Orpington (Incl Petts Wood) 4908 214 5122
BR 5-2 Orpington (Incl St. Pauls Cray, St. Mary Cray) 5537 178 5715
BR 5-3 Orpington (Incl St. Mary Cray, St. Pauls Cray) 4213 253 4466
BR 5-4 Orpington (Incl St. Mary Cray) 4752 104 4856
BR 6-0 Broom Hill, Orpington 3691 501 4192
BR 6-6 Orpington (Incl Green Street Green, Chelsfield) 2759 124 2883
BR 6-7 Orpington (Incl Farnborough, Pratts Bottom) 3162 161 3323
BR 6-8 Orpington (Incl Farnborough) 3351 121 3472
BR 6-9 Chelsfield, Goddington, Orpington 5881 69 5950
BR 7-5 Elmstead, Chiselhurst 3292 209 3501
BR 7-6 Foxbury, Chislehurst 4017 100 4117
BR 8-7 Swanley (Incl Hextable) 6503 255 6758
BR 8-8 Swanley (Incl Crockenhill) 2883 131 2964
DA 1-1 New Town, Dartford 3473 519 3992
DA 1-2 Phoenix Place, Dartford 5346 411 5757
DA 1-3 Dartford (Incl Crayford, Bowmans) 3871 93 3964
DA 1-4 Dartford (Incl Crayford, Barnes Clay) 3914 382 4296
DA 1-5 Temple Hill, Dartford 4202 456 4658
DA 2-7 Dartford (Incl Lane End, Hawley, Wilmington) 4511 157 4668
DA 5-1 Old Bexley, Bexley 2788 231 3019
DA 5-2 Coldblow, Bexley 2131 54 2185
DA 5-3 Bexley Woods, Bexley 3251 119 3370
DA 6-7 Broadway, Bexleyheath 1811 196 2007
DA 6-8 Upton Road, Bexleyheath 1878 38 1916
DA 7-4 Brampton Road, Bexleyheath 5289 374 5663
DA 7-5 Long Lane, Bexleyheath 4089 28 4117
DA 7-6 Bexleyheath (Incl Barnehurst) 4738 90 4828
DA 8-1 Northumberland Heath, Erith 5420 336 5756
DA 8-2 North End, Slade Green, Erith 4667 159 4826
DA 8-3 Erith (Incl Northumberland Heath) 3858 48 3906
DA14-4 Hatherley Road, Sidcup 4016 100 4116
DA14-5 Ruxley, Sidcup 2024 179 2203
DA14-6 Main Road, Sidcup 3610 248 3858
DA15-7 Longlands, Sidcup 2011 183 2194
DA15-8 Blackfen, Sidcup 6235 164 6399
DA15-9 Sherwood Park Avenue, Sidcup 3049 101 3150
DA16-1 Gipsy Road, Welling 4900 186 5086
DA16-2 Falconwood, Bexley 5334 219 5553
DA16-3 Bellegrove Road, Welling 3846 191 4037
DA17-5 Woolwich Road, Belvedere 3966 138 4104
DA17-6 Erith Road, Belvedere 3043 235 3278
DA18-4 Kale Road, Erith 1972 78 2050

Leaflet distribution and ROI

door drop deliveryFor anyone considering leaflet distribution anywhere around the M25, probably the first question on your mind, before you even begin to think about design, is ‘how many new customers will I get?’ Return of investment (ROI), whether you live in Streatham, Norwood, Croydon  Dulwich or Dartford, it isn’t as straightforward nowadays as it used to be so this is not an easy question to answer.

The reason for this is that since the digital age boomed in, most people picking up a door drop leaflet from their front door mat will almost certainly go to your website. They will do this before they even think of picking up the phone and calling you.

Before the digital age, anyone interested in your service would simply pick up the phone. This meant you could sell your service simply by the tone of your voice and choosing engaging words. For better or for worse, those days have gone and a large chunk of your success rests on your website.

So, yes you can make an excellent return on leaflet distribution, providing you check the company out and they are reliable. However, bear in mind you also need to have a professional website in place. Your website will compete with others; if your nearest competitor has a crisp, clear and attractive site that is easily navigable, he is going to snap up the lion’s share. Unfortunately, no matter how well you design the leaflets for your door to door marketing campaign, this is still likely to be the case.

You can still get calls from leaflet distribution even if you don’t yet have a website and you could add a small line onto your leaflet to make readers aware. Nowadays it is imperative you get your site written professionally and properly optimised for the search engines (SEO).

The downside is that this is unlikely to get results for a while. For one thing your keywords are likely to take up to 3 months before Google takes notice, trusts you and your page ranking begins to climb. At the same time social media should be entering the game so that people begin to comment and refer you to others. This activity again can take a few months to build, is largely dependent on adding in regular interlinked blogs and articles, yet can bring astonishing results.

Leaflet distribution is such a thriving, successful way to increase profits that it is worth considering it in the digital marketing mix as just outlined. It’s simple, uncomplicated and often under-rated. Combine it with simple SEO and profits can boom.

The leaflet distribution industry is a large, thriving, and profitable industry. It requires little capital investment and even if you cannot afford a website initially, you soon will and can grow and grow your business.

Be good to hear your thoughts…

Tips on brochure design

leaflet distributionAs a leaflet delivery company we occasionally get asked to deliver other items such as magazines and brochures. For some reason this seems to mainly occur in Croydon, Streatham and Norwood; I have no idea why as we deliver to Dartford, Dulwich, Catford and all around the M25. Anyway, some of the features of design are similar in a brochure to those for a leaflet. However, although you naturally have more space and layout in a brochure, content and appeal factors will be different.

Highest potential financial outcome

Think hard about which target of readers are likely to generate the most revenue for your business. It’s no point delivering a brochure or a door to door distribution leaflet that’s designed for the high net worth income bracket to an inner city estate. If your brochure is about 5* luxury travel, it makes sense to deliver it to the more exclusive properties. When you have decided this factor then make sure the content – or at least 75% of it – is designed for these people.

Company Personality

For a brochure this is even more important to get right than in your door drop flyer. Is your company image consistent throughout your marketing material? Do you know what your corporate image is and does this reflect what you offer and at what standard? It’s no good stating you offer a state of the art interior design service with top of the range brand names if you are appealing to people who are looking for a simple cut price decorating job.

Audience reaction

The one thing that remains consistent with almost every marketing campaign you undertake is audience reaction. ‘What is the response you want to get from your target audience?’ Check and check again that you are targeting the right audience. Do you want these people to visit a website, pick up the phone, respond to an offer in a limited time or enter a competition?

Collecting Information

Start making a note of useful factors about your business that you can weave into the copy. How well can you describe your business in 50-100 words? Can you succinctly express the nature of your product or service so that readers will easily understand, without complex jargon? What about hours of business or when your premises are open to visitors? Don’t forget your fax number if you have one and your website address. If you are a limited company, you should include your registered address. Do you have a good quality set of images and logo? What about a neat ‘how to get to us’ description? If your brochure is has the space, include 1 or 2 testimonials or recent news.

When you have collated your brochure material, a draft mock up will help you to see where something doesn’t look so good and you can make alterations at this stage before giving final approval to go to print.

Hope this helps everyone, anyone have any more tips?

How to increase visitors and convert to customers

The majority of UK based SMEs now use social media platforms to increase their customer base, create better awareness and/or as an integral component of their ongoing marketing strategy. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn tend to be the most significant of these channels. The best companies out there are clearly understanding the social media approach and using it to gain more business. Even if something like leaflet distribution is part of the marketing mix, readers are still likely to turn first to the web to check you out.

This is hardly surprising, since the arrival of social media platforms and blogging, the landscape on how we interact with each other has dramatically changed. This is true whether with friends or strangers, business colleagues, suppliers or potential customers. It has also significantly changed the way business acquires new customers. Space ads and door to door leaflet drops may still feature but the savvy business owner will combine it with modern methods to get even higher results.

Marketing costs money and a successful mix of social media, internet marketing and copywriting, when used professionally, is no exception. As with most marketing, this needs a long term approach and the correct expectation levels. This is where the biggest problem can arise. Many companies see it, not so much as a ‘quick fix’, but something they can do for a three or 4 month campaign, after which they will expect to see results – or give up.

Give it time; people will eventually make their voice heard: they will advise and share an opinion. Your credibility, trust and authority will help the pages which you want to rank high for certain keywords. However, location and frequency of targeted and strategically placed keywords is still critical to return relevant content.


Still no phone calls? Well, if your site doesn’t match up to the compelling content of your competitors, it doesn’t matter how optimised that content is, you may as well post up an ‘Exit now’ sign.

There are 3 basic ingredients:

  • social media activity
  • content that Google and searchers love
  • good link building

It’s no coincidence: we arrive back at the 3 elements just discussed:

  • a social media campaign
  • persuasive, accurate copy
  • internet marketing using link building

If you implement long term SEO tactics, you can achieve all three of these strategies so your web site: 1) attracts people 2) inspires reading and 3) converts readers to customers.


There’s only so much business to go round so best get yourself correctly positioned to snap up your bite of the market.

Company philosophy and ethics in leaflet distribution

Ethical business flyers

Promotion and lead generation for a small-medium business needs good advertising. So, leaflet distribution leaps to your mind. Stop a minute. Before getting a batch of leaflets printed and delivered, go to your marketing plan.

A strategic marketing plan, whether written 15 years ago or in today’s highly digital world, forleafleting or door to door marketing, it will have in general the same principles behind it.

What are your company ethics? Do you know if the philosophy of your organisation is watertight and upheld with pride? Yes, I know, this is more of an abstract than a measurable item but it is important before you go ahead with your planned door to door marketing. The point is, ethics and philosophy play a giant role in business now, and largely due to the massive rise in social media and the internet. These two factors alone now lead the way, not your fees or prices, quality or value. More than ever, across every corner and path of your business it’s about your company ethos, your customer service, your integrity, fair approach, balance and care in doing a good job. It should be a part of your corporate image, inbuilt into the very foundations of your company, defining your corporate integrity, embedded into your leaflets for distribution. And it doesn’t matter whether your leaflet distribution is in Croydon, Streatham, SW16, SW17, Norwood, Dulwich, Dartford or Catford, SE9 or SE24 or anywhere around the M25, you still need to think hard about this. Why?

Consumers in the modern world are not fools and it is they, not companies, who are in control. Consumers are more streetwise than ever. Good. They make everyone in business work that much harder, that much better, the suppliers, the business buyers and the employees. They demand, and will shop around for, the service provider with the best ethical strategy, the highest moral philosophy, not necessarily the cheapest. This is what interests them more, the face behind the business, the core of humanity, combining to meet their needs.

So when you plan your leafleting campaign or leaflet distribution, think first about building a sustainable organisation, high on quality, fair on approach. Your target market wants to identify with your ethical and philosophical values. They will come swimming towards you, keen to buy from, supply or work for you.

Use your leaflet distribution campaign to communicate the most fundamental message of modern marketing, your corporate identity: your business strives to please, to be responsible, aware of the planet and nature, to produce the best work.

You can do this in your leaflet marketing, and appeal to one of the deepest human emotions, the power of care.

John Malkovich and distribution flyers

Distribution flyersBeing in the leaflet distribution business, I’m always on the look out for interesting developments in the world of leafleting. So when I saw the headline stating ‘John Malkovich hands out flyers at Edinburgh Fringe’, of course I needed to read more. Really…a top nosh actor gracing our industry? This had to be fascinating…

Hollywood movie star, John Malkovich was spotted on the Royal Mile handing out flyers for his Edinburgh Fringe show. When asked about the leaflet distribution experience, he said ‘it was fun’. Must have been quite a thing to see a celebrity backing a marketing campaign to this extent – proof that flyer distribution obviously works.

Leafleting delivers results, no doubt about it, and it’s being embraced by many businesses these days as a vital part of their marketing strategies. In this instance it was serious enough to justify getting a Hollywood actor involved. Hmmm…quite a clever move come to think of it; with all the tips we’ve offered on how to create winning leaflet delivery campaigns, guess we should have added ‘hire a celebrity to deliver your flyers’ to the list.

On the other hand, Malkovich also said that some people weren’t interested in taking his flyers and added ‘You always get turned away. That’s your lot in life’. I found this amusingly familiar, as any of us involved in marketing are well aware of the challenges of the craft. People are bombarded with advertising and we’ve all become extremely choosy about what we’ll allow in to our conscious thinking. Door to door marketing and leaflet distribution is an art that requires much research and clever solutions. If a famous film star can’t get everybody to read his flyers, then we need to be that much more savvy in our approach. Are our distribution flyers interesting and enticing enough to reach those elusive customers? (Just in case you’re thinking this sounds like an impossible task…never fear, it can be done).

Some quick reminders to note when launching a leafleting campaign and yes, without the help of a celebrity:

  • Planning your flyer distribution campaign is essential
  • Do some research – know your target market and what really appeals to them.
  • Consider the design of your leaflet – are you using the best colours and flyer size to describe your product/service appropriately?
  • Research leaflet distribution companies – know what they offer and make sure you’re using the best one to get the results you want.
  • Make your message clear – sell the benefits of your product, not its features. Show how the benefits will fulfil a need or enhance the reader’s life.

Be great to hear any other interesting stories…

How to create door drop flyers that get action

Leaflets and flyers for distributionWhat is the purpose of your leafleting campaign in SW London? What kind of customers are in your leaflet distribution catchment area?

Door to door leaflets or flyers are usually designed to attract a new customer’s attention.  Without wishing to sound negative, you have to accept from the start that the vast majority will be binned, this is just simple fact. Yet, leafleting in SW London works and it does attract a huge number of new customers. To achieve a good return, it is not as daunting as one might imagine.

Each time you target a new leaflet distribution area in and around London such as Streatham and Norwood and including all KT,TW, DA,CR,BR, UB, HA and EN post codes, follow my simple rules below. Your potential customers are too important to risk losing; it pays to tailor your message, and your leaflet design, especially for them.

There is just one very basic tip to follow:

Make your leafleting scream for attention. You can do this by:

  • creating a bold, captivating title
  • using strong visuals
  • playing on the human emotions
  • delivering a strong call to action

This is actually no different from any advertising and you absolutely must do all you can to win over as much attention as you can. Door to door marketing, whether in Streatham, Norwood or anywhere within M25, when conducted in the right way, can bring results you never believed possible.

Once you have these elements in place, you will almost certainly have built a degree of interest. By creating a strong pull for a desire for your products or services, you can win over the need to look at your leaflet again.  Then, with a simple yet equally strong pull to react, people can follow through by returning a coupon, calling, or visiting you.

The biggest mistake most people make is trying to cram in every possible detail. This simply does not offer interest and excitement and it is these two elements that are crucial in leaflet distribution. The result of information overload is that you have lost a big slice of the market before they have even had a chance to read what it is you can offer.

As you design your a5 door drop flyer, ask yourself constantly:

  • what are you trying to accomplish?
  • do you want new customers to come into your store?
  • would you like them to order something online?
  • do you want them to call you for more information?

From the outset of your door drop flyer design, define your objective clearly, and use your leafleting campaign to accomplish your goal.

If you don’t think enough about your campaign, you are really just wasting your money, and neither are you likely to impress your customers.

I have written this article after years in the leaflet distribution business, analysing carefully why one company is more successful than another.

Hope this helps, let me know, am happy to give away a few more pieces of good advice…

Ten logo design tips for flyer distribution

Logo design on flyersIn my job, running a busy leaflet distribution company, I see a fair number of logos on different flyers. I’ve often noticed how many businesses fail to see their logo as a serious piece of marketing material. The more I’ve thought about this, the more I feel compelled to write about it because it seems such a waste of good space and funds.

When doing a door drop marketing campaign using printed flyers, you will want to project the right image. You need to do this within a few seconds…before your carefully crafted flyer gets swallowed up by the kitchen bin.

To get the reader’s attention and avoid the bin, your logo can tip the balance. It can do this quite simply by giving readers something eye catching to focus on and spark a memory. Take a look at other people’s flyers and test this for yourself.  Here are a few tips, gleaned from my many years experience in leafleting, which I hope you find useful:

  • Avoid using photographs in a logo; it really doesn’t impress.
  • Definitely do not use a person in a logo, much too artificial.
  • A logo should not be filled with a dramatic spread of colour; it simply isn’t cool.
  • Splattering your logo with lots of decorations isn’t good; it will divert attention.
  • Whatever you do, do not attempt to copy someone else’s logo. You are unique.
  • Never be tempted to go ‘silly’ with a cow, pig or sheep; it always looks bad.
  • Keep your logo neat and simple; this is likely to reflect your reliability.
  • Think of something innovative and fresh, without being exotic.
  • Blend colour in your logo well and avoid a garish, uncoordinated look.
  • Ensure your logo can be adapted for all your marketing needs, not just for flyers.

Well, I hope these tips help because I can’t help but feel logo design is an often neglected slice of the marketing chain. Door to door leaflet distribution can be so much more effective when your logo stands out and looks good.

Be great to hear your comments; let me know what you think…

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