Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do you charge for distributing leaflets?

Prices are based on the size and quantity of your leaflets. For example if your have 5000 A4 or smaller than A4 leaflets, then the price is £38 per 1000, but if the quantity of your leaflet is 20,000 or more, then the price will be £33 per 1000.

  • Will the price be different by the area?

There are some post codes which are hilly or the houses are far apart. These areas take longer to distribute the same amount of leaflets in comparison to congested areas. We can assess the area and quote accordingly if you wish to have your leaflets distributed in these areas or villages.

  • How many leaflets do you distribute together?

We usually distribute 2 other non- competing leaflets together with your leaflet but if you would like your leaflet to go out with only one other, the price will be £10 per 1000 more than the displayed prices on the “prices” page.

  • How do I know my leaflets are actually distributed?

Our distributors are supervised by our supervisor all the time . He starts working with the distributors in the morning, monitoring them all through the day until they finish the work for the day. Our clients are always welcome to meet  the supervisor and see how he is operating.

  • Do you collect leaflets?

We collect free of charge if the leaflets are local to the distribution post codes. Larger quantities are usually distributed to us from the printers directly.

  • Do you supply a report showing the distributed roads?

Yes, after completing your distribution we will email or post the maps to you with high lighted roads showing the covered areas.

  • How do I pay?

The quickest way to pay is with on line banking. As soon as our invoice is settled, we will arrange collection.  

  • What is the minimum you would distribute?

The minimum amount of leaflets we accept to distribute is 5000.

  • Do you have any testimonials from your customers?

Yes, please click on the customer review page.

  • How much notice do you need to book a job?

The more advance notice you give us the better but we usually need at least 14 days notice.

  • How can I book my leaflets to be distributed?

You can always call us on 07445 927904 or send us an email.

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