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Improving the results from your leafleting campaign.

The main consideration in a leafleting campaign should be if your leaflets will be DELIVERED to the areas you want them to be delivered to, on time and in good condition.

If the literature is delivered to a different area than your choice, of course, your targeted customers are not receiving your message and you might not receive the expected results. This can happen for example “in shared plan distribution” as the leaflet distribution company may not have enough number of other leaflets to go with your leaflet to your targeted areas to make the distribution profitable, so they might prefer to distribute them to the adjacent area where they do have enough number of other leaflets to make the distribution profitable.

Timing is just as important. Although some clients do not have timing issues on distribution of their literature, others do. In many cases the clients make preparations prior to their leafleting campaign. The client might have bought more than usual raw material, employed more than usual staff or delayed other issues in his/her business/life in order to manage the results from the distribution of their literature appropriately. If the distribution is started earlier, the client might not be ready to deliver the promoted products. Similarly if the distribution starts later than the time it was planned for, the client might suffer.

The condition of the distributed leaflet is equally important when it is dropped in through the letter boxes. Wet, squashed or torn leaflets tend to get discarded. Good care should be taken  all along the process to deliver the leaflets in good condition and the distributors should be thought to this effect.

Implementing the correct measures, per above, will improve the return statistics.

Explore how the distribution company will ensure that this happens. Once you are confident in the company’s ability to provide a quality service then talk about price and make sure you are comparing like with like.

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