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How to increase visitors and convert to customers

The majority of UK based SMEs now use social media platforms to increase their customer base, create better awareness and/or as an integral component of their ongoing marketing strategy. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn tend to be the most significant of these channels. The best companies out there are clearly understanding the social media approach and using it to gain more business. Even if something like leaflet distribution is part of the marketing mix, readers are still likely to turn first to the web to check you out.

This is hardly surprising, since the arrival of social media platforms and blogging, the landscape on how we interact with each other has dramatically changed. This is true whether with friends or strangers, business colleagues, suppliers or potential customers. It has also significantly changed the way business acquires new customers. Space ads and door to door leaflet drops may still feature but the savvy business owner will combine it with modern methods to get even higher results.

Marketing costs money and a successful mix of social media, internet marketing and copywriting, when used professionally, is no exception. As with most marketing, this needs a long term approach and the correct expectation levels. This is where the biggest problem can arise. Many companies see it, not so much as a ‘quick fix’, but something they can do for a three or 4 month campaign, after which they will expect to see results – or give up.

Give it time; people will eventually make their voice heard: they will advise and share an opinion. Your credibility, trust and authority will help the pages which you want to rank high for certain keywords. However, location and frequency of targeted and strategically placed keywords is still critical to return relevant content.


Still no phone calls? Well, if your site doesn’t match up to the compelling content of your competitors, it doesn’t matter how optimised that content is, you may as well post up an ‘Exit now’ sign.

There are 3 basic ingredients:

  • social media activity
  • content that Google and searchers love
  • good link building

It’s no coincidence: we arrive back at the 3 elements just discussed:

  • a social media campaign
  • persuasive, accurate copy
  • internet marketing using link building

If you implement long term SEO tactics, you can achieve all three of these strategies so your web site: 1) attracts people 2) inspires reading and 3) converts readers to customers.


There’s only so much business to go round so best get yourself correctly positioned to snap up your bite of the market.

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