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Leaflet distribution and ROI

door drop deliveryFor anyone considering leaflet distribution anywhere around the M25, probably the first question on your mind, before you even begin to think about design, is ‘how many new customers will I get?’ Return of investment (ROI), whether you live in Streatham, Norwood, Croydon  Dulwich or Dartford, it isn’t as straightforward nowadays as it used to be so this is not an easy question to answer.

The reason for this is that since the digital age boomed in, most people picking up a door drop leaflet from their front door mat will almost certainly go to your website. They will do this before they even think of picking up the phone and calling you.

Before the digital age, anyone interested in your service would simply pick up the phone. This meant you could sell your service simply by the tone of your voice and choosing engaging words. For better or for worse, those days have gone and a large chunk of your success rests on your website.

So, yes you can make an excellent return on leaflet distribution, providing you check the company out and they are reliable. However, bear in mind you also need to have a professional website in place. Your website will compete with others; if your nearest competitor has a crisp, clear and attractive site that is easily navigable, he is going to snap up the lion’s share. Unfortunately, no matter how well you design the leaflets for your door to door marketing campaign, this is still likely to be the case.

You can still get calls from leaflet distribution even if you don’t yet have a website and you could add a small line onto your leaflet to make readers aware. Nowadays it is imperative you get your site written professionally and properly optimised for the search engines (SEO).

The downside is that this is unlikely to get results for a while. For one thing your keywords are likely to take up to 3 months before Google takes notice, trusts you and your page ranking begins to climb. At the same time social media should be entering the game so that people begin to comment and refer you to others. This activity again can take a few months to build, is largely dependent on adding in regular interlinked blogs and articles, yet can bring astonishing results.

Leaflet distribution is such a thriving, successful way to increase profits that it is worth considering it in the digital marketing mix as just outlined. It’s simple, uncomplicated and often under-rated. Combine it with simple SEO and profits can boom.

The leaflet distribution industry is a large, thriving, and profitable industry. It requires little capital investment and even if you cannot afford a website initially, you soon will and can grow and grow your business.

Be good to hear your thoughts…

John Malkovich and distribution flyers

Distribution flyersBeing in the leaflet distribution business, I’m always on the look out for interesting developments in the world of leafleting. So when I saw the headline stating ‘John Malkovich hands out flyers at Edinburgh Fringe’, of course I needed to read more. Really…a top nosh actor gracing our industry? This had to be fascinating…

Hollywood movie star, John Malkovich was spotted on the Royal Mile handing out flyers for his Edinburgh Fringe show. When asked about the leaflet distribution experience, he said ‘it was fun’. Must have been quite a thing to see a celebrity backing a marketing campaign to this extent – proof that flyer distribution obviously works.

Leafleting delivers results, no doubt about it, and it’s being embraced by many businesses these days as a vital part of their marketing strategies. In this instance it was serious enough to justify getting a Hollywood actor involved. Hmmm…quite a clever move come to think of it; with all the tips we’ve offered on how to create winning leaflet delivery campaigns, guess we should have added ‘hire a celebrity to deliver your flyers’ to the list.

On the other hand, Malkovich also said that some people weren’t interested in taking his flyers and added ‘You always get turned away. That’s your lot in life’. I found this amusingly familiar, as any of us involved in marketing are well aware of the challenges of the craft. People are bombarded with advertising and we’ve all become extremely choosy about what we’ll allow in to our conscious thinking. Door to door marketing and leaflet distribution is an art that requires much research and clever solutions. If a famous film star can’t get everybody to read his flyers, then we need to be that much more savvy in our approach. Are our distribution flyers interesting and enticing enough to reach those elusive customers? (Just in case you’re thinking this sounds like an impossible task…never fear, it can be done).

Some quick reminders to note when launching a leafleting campaign and yes, without the help of a celebrity:

  • Planning your flyer distribution campaign is essential
  • Do some research – know your target market and what really appeals to them.
  • Consider the design of your leaflet – are you using the best colours and flyer size to describe your product/service appropriately?
  • Research leaflet distribution companies – know what they offer and make sure you’re using the best one to get the results you want.
  • Make your message clear – sell the benefits of your product, not its features. Show how the benefits will fulfil a need or enhance the reader’s life.

Be great to hear any other interesting stories…

How to create door drop flyers that get action

Leaflets and flyers for distributionWhat is the purpose of your leafleting campaign in SW London? What kind of customers are in your leaflet distribution catchment area?

Door to door leaflets or flyers are usually designed to attract a new customer’s attention.  Without wishing to sound negative, you have to accept from the start that the vast majority will be binned, this is just simple fact. Yet, leafleting in SW London works and it does attract a huge number of new customers. To achieve a good return, it is not as daunting as one might imagine.

Each time you target a new leaflet distribution area in and around London such as Streatham and Norwood and including all KT,TW, DA,CR,BR, UB, HA and EN post codes, follow my simple rules below. Your potential customers are too important to risk losing; it pays to tailor your message, and your leaflet design, especially for them.

There is just one very basic tip to follow:

Make your leafleting scream for attention. You can do this by:

  • creating a bold, captivating title
  • using strong visuals
  • playing on the human emotions
  • delivering a strong call to action

This is actually no different from any advertising and you absolutely must do all you can to win over as much attention as you can. Door to door marketing, whether in Streatham, Norwood or anywhere within M25, when conducted in the right way, can bring results you never believed possible.

Once you have these elements in place, you will almost certainly have built a degree of interest. By creating a strong pull for a desire for your products or services, you can win over the need to look at your leaflet again.  Then, with a simple yet equally strong pull to react, people can follow through by returning a coupon, calling, or visiting you.

The biggest mistake most people make is trying to cram in every possible detail. This simply does not offer interest and excitement and it is these two elements that are crucial in leaflet distribution. The result of information overload is that you have lost a big slice of the market before they have even had a chance to read what it is you can offer.

As you design your a5 door drop flyer, ask yourself constantly:

  • what are you trying to accomplish?
  • do you want new customers to come into your store?
  • would you like them to order something online?
  • do you want them to call you for more information?

From the outset of your door drop flyer design, define your objective clearly, and use your leafleting campaign to accomplish your goal.

If you don’t think enough about your campaign, you are really just wasting your money, and neither are you likely to impress your customers.

I have written this article after years in the leaflet distribution business, analysing carefully why one company is more successful than another.

Hope this helps, let me know, am happy to give away a few more pieces of good advice…

Folding styles for leaflet distribution

Flyers for distribution Brochure delivery by door drop marketing will nearly always give a good ROI but do you know what  type of fold you are going for? You see, it depends on what the aim of the printed leaflet job is going to be; it can make a big difference and most people don’t realize that a good south west London and M25 distribution company can offer some good tips.

For a fairly cheap leaflet marketing campaign 130gsm paper is a good option, and fine for full colour photo reproduction.350gsm is like a thick glossy card and better for leaflet holders.

Some leaflet folding style tips for great door to door marketing and pamphlet delivery:

Tab Fold

This style has 1 fold line and 4 sides. Tab fold leaflets are available in flat sizes A3/A4 or in a5 leaflets. The tab can be a length of your choice. This is fine for leaflet distribution.

Cross Fold

The cross folded template for a leaflet has 2 fold lines and 8 sides. This is good for brochure delivery or pamphlet distribution. You may find it called right angle fold, French fold, A4 or A3 folded leaflet.

Half Fold (Landscape)

Leaflets for this are available in flat sizes A3/A4/A5 with 1 fold line and 4 sides. Half fold leaflets are popular with leaflet distribution jobs. The terms half fold leaflet, leaflet folded in half, 2 fold leaflet, A4 folded leaflet (A5 4pp), A3 folded leaflet (A4 4pp), A5 folded leaflet (A6 4pp) are also used. Good for a5 leaflet delivery.

Half Fold (Portrait)

Although not as popular as the landscape half fold leaflet, this leaflet has the same 1 fold line and 4 sides and in flat sizes A3/A4/A5. They can be used in leafleting campaigns and  are sometimes called a half fold leaflet or a leaflet folded in half, 2 fold leaflet, A4 folded leaflet (A4 folded long ways), A3 folded leaflet or A5 folded leaflet,.

Roll Fold

You may see the names tri fold leaflet, 6 panel leaflet, 3 fold leaflet, parallel fold, spiral fold, tri fold, brochure fold, business letter, c fold, roll fold, barrel fold, A4 folded leaflet (DL 6pp, folded to 1/3 A4), A3 folded leaflet, A5 folded leaflet for this term. Roll fold flyers in full colour have 2 fold lines and 6 sides in flat sizes A3/A4/A5. Good for digital printing for brochure delivery.

Gate Fold

This is used in many leaflet delivery campaigns. In flat sizes A3/A4/A5, this has 2 fold lines and 6 sides and is quite useful for brochure delivery jobs. In some M25 and south west London leaflet distribution areas, you may come across the terms window fold, parallel Fold, A5 folded leaflet, A4 folded leaflet, A3 folded leaflet

Z Fold

For a leaflet distribution it is unlikely you will need this type of fold as it tends to be used in presentation folders. These are occasionally known as A5 folded leaflet, A4 folded leaflet, A3 folded leaflet.

Before you go to print, be great to hear your comments…

Flyer design tips for marketing distribution

flyers for distributionEveryone in business knows: if no-one knows you exist, how are you going to sell your service and succeed? Well, leafleting in the form of a door drop marketing campaign is certainly a good start. However to make your message effective, it’s worth making sure that your printed flyers really are the answer, doing the best job for the best results.

My reason for wanting to pass on a few tips is simple: I see so many leaflets designed without any real thought or prior planning; the waste is huge and expensive.

Consumers are swamped by advertising nowadays and it’s easy to turn away and ignore the lot. If you want to be noticed, spend a bit of time on the wording in your leaflet.

Deciding that flyer distribution offers the best showcase for your product is one thing  – but you have to address the creative concept because this is the ‘selling’ part. And you need to keep it simple.

So just how do you fill that blank piece of a5 that is going to play such a major part in your flyer distribution? It’s a balance between being informative and creative. For letterbox distribution, you want your printed leaflets to be eye catching enough for people to pick them up from the mat and read them, but not drowning in so much graphic design that the most vital information is missed. Readers have to see at a glance who, where, what, you are and how they contact you.

Ask yourself, ‘What is the message I want to put across?’ Focus this to a fine point so you don’t waste leaflet space telling people things they don’t need to know just yet. Keep in mind the walk from the front door, to the bin, to the recycling cart.

So many businesses get this bit wrong; without answering these simple questions, you risk losing hundreds, thousands, millions or billions of potential buyers:

  • What is it about your event that will make people want to attend?
  • What are the unique selling points (usp’s) of your product or special offer?
  • What do you offer that your competitor doesn’t?
  • What particular product or service are you trying to promote?
  • How can this be made eye catching, different, worth a second look?
  • What draws your eyes and attention to a printed flyer?

When it comes to design for door to door leafleting, less is definitely more. If something isn’t necessary, then leave it out. At worst, put it in small print in a corner of your flyer or substitute words with an image. Thoroughly proof read and hey, you’re ready for leaflet delivery around London.

Be good to hear your comments. How successful was your last door to door leafleting? Can I help you with any more golden tips?

Do leaflet delivery campaigns work?

Letterbox DeliveryLet’s face it, we’re in the digital works best era and anything that doesn’t embrace online must be a waste of time. True or false, or is there a half way? I think there is and door to door leafleting or flyer distribution services are more popular than ever in today’s crazy digital-fits-all world.

Why? Well, every day of my working life I’m getting calls from business owners and marketing managers asking me about the mechanics of a successful leaflet distribution campaign. Yes, using good old door drop marketing.

It isn’t that they’ve given up on going digital or that they don’t believe an online presence works; they all have websites and most are engaging in regular online activity. Yet time and again, the message they give me is that it’s the digital ‘overload’ that’s the problem.

We’re all getting swamped by the deluge of digital advertising and the point about leaflet delivery is that you can’t just delete the thing. You have to pick up a flyer or pamphlet, and you have to do something with it, even if it is a walk to the bin. Few of us pick stuff up from the doormat without at least a quick glance through, in case we miss something important or bin good news.

This distribution business needs good planning; you can’t just go round chucking leaflets through doors with a vague, foggy idea of what you’re hoping to achieve. Some things to think about are:

  • your business aims and objectives
  • your focus market, where they live and in what type of home
  • a planned strategy to fit the above

Leaflet distribution is booming and judging by the constant return of customers, it works big time. Most businesses report a gain in sales.

Okay, now back to the digital. Whatever you do, make sure your flyer design matches the design on your website, including your logo. Choose a good quality printer to reflect your standard. Far too many flyers I see have been hastily put together with scant regard for any artwork or design. That’s 50% of your potential customers lost.

When it comes to contact details, you’d be surprised at the number of leaflets I see going out for large scale letterbox distribution that have no mention of a website. This is the first thing the vast majority of us look for. Young or old, it’s the way consumers now decide. No website and that’s another big portion of your leaflet distribution binned. A website nowadays denotes professional; it means easy contact, testimonials, reviews, comments, images, prices and a list of services.

So you see, it’s not about dismissing digital, but it’s certainly not about dismissing leafleting. The two go hand in hand, door to door. A good leaflet or flyer leads to reading, going to website, making contact…and hey, a good sale.

Be good to hear your leafleting comments…

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