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Targeted Leaflet Distribution

Here at we understand that leaflet delivery is a tried and tested marketing method that has the potential to yield excellent results. We can help you to locate your target customers.

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The success of a direct marketing campaign is dependent on reaching the potential target customers.

For many of our leafleting clients a common sense approach is perhaps to use the type of properties in an area, or the possible type of residents to target their potential clients. We then arrange leaflet delivery through a team, comprised of a supervisor and the distributors who work together while the flyer distribution is ongoing.

Just after completing your distribution you will be emailed the maps of the areas in which we have distributed for you. The maps show all the roads your leaflets were distributed and the days they were distributed.

Use our in depth working knowledge of the area to help to plan your leaflet distribution.

We can target your delivery by:

  • Postcode areas, down to sectors of each post code
  • Highlighted map areas
  • Council boundaries
  • To your specification

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